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    Counter strike ''fatal error'' solution for all versions
    Recently i posted counter strike Game....But in my friends computer it gave and error like 15mb memory fatal errorBut i found solution So i am posting now
    1st Solution

    Right click on game launcher then click on compatibility
    Then click run this programme in compatiblity mode for '
    select windows 7 (for window 8 users)
    select xp service pack 3 ( for windows 7 users)
    *( win8 users first select win7 if not work then try with xp mode)
    then run it it will Run the game. :D


    2nd Solution
    1. Go to start type ''msconfig'' press enter.2. After that go to boot menu 3. go to advanced options then 4. tick on maximum memory type there ''2048'' 5. Restart pc and run the game. Now the game should be run.
    Note- After playing game untick the maximum memory option and restart pc.

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