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    Platform made for gaming
    Easily download, install, and play your PC games with Origin. Enjoy automatic updates, cloud saves, and more.

    Fast downloads
    Origin downloads are optimized. Translation: they're really, really fast. You can even play the newest games while they're still downloading. Thanks, technology!

    Offline mode
    Play your single-player games even when you don't have access to the internet. Sailing around the world? On a really, really long plane trip without Wi-Fi? No problem.

    Cloud saves
    Many of our games support cloud saves, perfect for when you want to play on a different PC, or when your hard drive has a case of the Mondays.

    A single game library
    Origin keeps all your PC games – no matter where you bought them – at the ready and in one place.

    Friends and community
    Play with your friends, stream to the world, and join the Origin community!

    Friends list
    Finding your friends on Origin is easy - playing with them (or against them) is even easier. Build out your friends list and group up in seconds.

    Text and voice chat
    Catch up with your buddies without ever leaving your game. Just be ready to mute 'em if they start eating chips with the mic on.

    Twitch streaming
    Got skills? Broadcast them to the world by streaming on Twitch with the press of button.

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    Account Details
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    let see this.........................??

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    It works.Thanks.

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