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    ul offers its Users access to its Service. ul is entitled to permit access to certain services only to registered Users.
    ul shall endeavour to keep the Service available 2hours a day, seven days a week. Users shall have no entitlement to uninterrupted availability of the Service. In particular, ul reserves the right to impose temporary restrictions on its contractual services in view of measures it needs to take for operational or security reasons (in particular for preventive maintenance). ul shall endeavour to provide reasonable prior notice of such measures, to the extent that they are planned, and in all other respects it shall restore availability within a timeframe that is reasonable in view of the cause of disruption. To the extent that ul's Service should not be available, this shall not give rise to any claims by Users for warranty or compensatory damages or reimbursement of expenditures.
    In the event of interruptions to availability, it is possible that - in exceptional cases - it may not be possible to record/log a small number of queries. Should this occur, this shall not give rise to any claims by Users against ul for deficiencies of the services (warranty) or compensatory damages or reimbursement of expenses

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