waRNING !! : Read before replying in any thread !!

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    We the Moderating team and Administrators also work in the background.
    This means: that we control and checking all threads daily.

    follow these points to help us.
    - Don't use permanently the same letter to fill 10 Characters. 1
    - No unnecessary comments/replies. 2

    - thxxxxxxxxxx
    - Gooooooood
    - niiiiiiiiiiiceee - NEW
    - aaaaaaaaaaaa - NEW
    - "this is Reply" - NEW
    - "New face" - NEW
    - "testing123" - NEW
    - "Downloading" - NEW
    Be creative & give sensible replies.

    - Important Questions
    - Helpful Answers & Tips.
    - No ads/Spam/unnecessary "URL links"
    - Only English comments/Replies.
    - No foreign Languages.
    - "Thank you" comments in Threads in foreign language is okay but really difficult for us to unterstand especially:
    use your school english or GOOGLE TRANSLATOR.

    - Don't Spam Threads with
    - Don't use permanently the Same "Quote" from others.
    - Don't use "Special letters like this:
    .............. or ,,,,,,,,,,, or !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! etc.
    - "Thanks Broooooo......................" and more... - NEW

    - No Insults ----> The "N" word is also a insult!*
    * This applies to every human: "Black/White/Brown/Yellow etc." - NEW
    - No racism
    - No pornographic replies
    - The Comment Field in any Thread is not a place for private feelings - NEW
    - Problem to see the content?
    PM Thread Starter.
    - Don't use the REPORT Button for unnecessary questions/requests or Thank You messages.
    - Don't put unnecessary vids & pics.
    - No Requests for other Mods.
    - No Request in any Threads for More "Mod Features" - NEW
    - Don't Bombing any "Profile pages" with "Mod Requests" - NEW*
    PM Thread Starter or use Request Section.
    - Dont PM Any Moderator/Admin with Question:
    Why my "Comment" is deleted and i get Warning? - NEW**
    - * 1 Warning Point, ** 1 Warning Point.




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